– This show produced –

Saturday, June 3rd

(7pm-11pm / mountain)


( New music from )


Great White.

Crazy Lixx

Of Mice & Men






– This show produced –

Saturday, May 27th

(7pm-11pm / mountain)

“Worlds Best Vocals” contest
Best rock singer ever?

Metal Sludge’s “Hot Dog” Chart featuring…

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of Rockstar “Wee Wee”

Single…Alone…Tired of Master Debating?
We have “First Date” advice that cuts right to Dessert!

Nickelback vs. Theory of A Deadman

Who sucks less?



Chip Z’ Nuff (Enuff Z’ Nuff) debuts new song “Dog To The Bone”…and it’s really good!

Special guest Drew Rose (singer) & Marc Simon (bass) from (Wildside) promote Summer concert in Utah (July 14th) at Liquid Joe’s
Lead singer & bass guitarist “Burt” (The Pedestrians) calls to (deny/confirm) if he is Lora Lei’s “Mystery Romp” 2 months ago
Everyone in-studio sings “Greased Lightning” from Grease, then enters into fierce Rap Battle
“Rad” Chad sings classic Motley Crue song “Piece of Your Action” to Lora Lei
New music from New Machine



“Tommy Paris” (Britny Fox lead singer) debuts song “Down Down” off new album (Tommy Paris Band)

Terry Ilous (Great White / XYZ) joins us LIVE to debut classic Led Zeppelin song from new solo album “Gypsy Dreams”

Warrant guitarist “Erik Turner” checks in LIVE from Leatherheads Sports Grill to promote show

We break all the rules by playing Double Anal Ring Toss with Gabrielle Ann

Jonni Lightfoot and his smokin’ hot girlfriend drop by studio

New music from Dee Snider, Stone Sour, Chevelle

Contractor Marshall brings his fancy Skillsaw in studio for a kick ass demo


Babylon A.D. singer Derek Davis promotes show at Liquid Joe’s with band Revolutionary Souls

Metal Church lead singer Mike Howe gives us Jazz/Warriors scores & 2017 tour news
We pay tribute (R.I.P.) to Utah guitarist Jeff Mulder from Hard Knox, Banging Lucy
“Rad” Chad asks Lora Lei about gulping protein
“Rockin’ Rick” & Jonni Lightfoot with Jazz/Warriors game update
“Beer Buddy” Ron plays “Shoot The Cock” with Lora Lei’s Nerf gun
Michael Winslow performs Led Zep song with no instruments
Cornell Munn (born with no arms) plays drums

Erik Turner from Warrant debuts 2 songs from new album (Louder*Harder*Faster)

It’s Lora Lei & Jonni Lightfoot Birthday Bash in KBER studio

Lora Lei’s “Hot” relatives Lena & Jackie drop by

“Rad” Chad wishes Lora Lei Happy Birthday

Gabrielle shows us video how Bruce Jender got his new “choo choo”

Charlie Sheen leaves Cory Draper voice message about masturbation

Natalie Hilton shows us she has no tan lines on bum by dropping pants

Michelle Twitchell spurts whipped cream all over studio

We end show with sexy “birthday spanking” for Lora Lei using Morrocan oil.

We crank Winger tunes all night…since they’re performing LIVE during show at Leatherheads Sports Bar

Cycle Champion, Trainer, and WUKAR (Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat) founder Art O’ Connor visits studio

Rockin’ Rick (kinda) reports LIVE from Orange County at the Hynostic / Puddle of Mudd concert

Therapist “Michelle Twitchell” hosts “Shrink Rap” answering questions about Love, Sex, Dating

Local Utah Rockers “Az Iz” performs LIVE in KBER studio

New tunes from Royal Blood, Warrant, Avenged Sevenfold, Skillet

It’s our first Easter Extravaganza!

New songs from Night Ranger, Black Stone Cherry, Rhino Bucket

Acoustic performances from Van Halen and Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)

Bunny Ranch owner “Dennis Hof” join us LIVE to tell us about new NFL Raiders theme Brothel

“Smell My Finger” with Gabrielle Ann, Lora Lei, & Natalie Hilton

We celebrate Michelle Tischner’s birthday with guests Summer Roney, Chris Ault

Brooke Roney wishes Michelle “Happy Birthday”

R&R BBQ owner Roger drops by with grub

“Daredevil” Khyler drops by with his wild friends, to discuss future stunts & stapling his forehead with an awesome punch!
Cory Draper plays drum solo on sexy Lora Lei’s bum, while Jonni Lightfoot strums acoustic guitar
We pay tribute to legendary rockband “Savatage”. Producer Paul O’Neill recently passed away & guitarist Criss Oliva in 1993…R.I.P. guys
Acoustic performances from Poison & Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
New tunes…Winger, Metallica, and Mark Slaughter
TV theme song “guessing game”

April Fools Day Party “Gone Wild”

New – Avenged Sevenfold, Quiet Riot, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge

Chris Killillay (Aztec Highway owner) calls in

“Hot Rod” Reid joins us for “Fabulous” chat!

Michelle Twitchell sings with Jonni Lightfoot

State Street “Boom Boom” stories

Rockin’ Rick marries girlfriend at Angels Stadium (Aprils Fools)

“Rad” Chad sings love song to Lora Lei then proposes marriage

Playtex tampon water test

Deaf & Blind Vanessa professes love for Casey Baird

 Cory Draper & Casey Baird take over KBER Saturday nights
Casey Baird is LIVE at Great White & Slaughter with Mark Slaughter, Mark Kendall, & Terry Ilous
Jonni Lightfoot and Therron Arrington perform “Twist & Shout”
The Bachelor “Rad” Chad shows us how he got Lora Lei to go out with him, then Exotic Kitty dancers Giselle, Indica, Gabrielle drop by
“Rad” Chad turns the tables, and gives listener Gabrielle Anne, Michelle Twitchell, Lora Lei, and Therron Arrington super hot lap dances.
We pay tribute to Sib Hashian (Boston drummer)

St. Patrick’s Day Spectacular

Jack Russell (Great White) debuts new song off new album

Rachel Lorin with great news, her song “I Hate You” is most added on rock stations

Mark Slaughter promotes concert March 25th in Kamas, Utah with Great White

Ivy Models – Drunk Ivy, Tina, Tisa

 New – Metal Church, Rubicon Cross

Show Therapist Michelle Twitchell, Lora Lei, and Lexi (ALT 101.9 fm) play “Smell My Finger”

Chuck Berry tribute with Therron Arrington, Jonni Lightfoot, and guitarist Scott performing Johnny B. Goode.


Musician “Ron Keel” from (Keel / Steeler / Beggars & Thieves) debuts new song

Adult Film Star “Cassidy Lynn” and Club Wet Dancers “Piper” & “Entice” play naughty games

“Stripper Olympics” & “Shoot The Clam”

Alexis from ALT 101.9 fm plays “Shoot The Cock” & “Sphincter Ring Toss”

Therron Arrington & Berno sing “Stone Sour” hit “Imperfect”

Listeners from Herriman, Utah “Gabby & Reid” bring tons of Bud Light

Lora Lei celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with green hair, sexy dress, and “Camo” colored panties

“Beer Buddy” Ron really lives up to his name

Gabrielle from Exotic Kitty films VIP lap dance in-studio with Micky Foxx

Special guest Stephen Pearcy (lead singer Ratt / Arcade) talks about new solo album “Smash”, and latest Ratt reunion

Director “Justin Hunt” talks about Documentary “Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly” narrated by Metallica’s James Hetfield)

Show Therapist Michelle Twitchell kicks off new feature “Shrink Rap”, answering question from Teresa…”How to talk her boyfriend Ryan into doing a 3-some with another man

ALT 101.9 fm DJ “Lexi” drops by after her on-air shift down the hall

Therron Arrington records new hit sensation “Lil’ Miss Charmin Buns”


All 5 members of Great White promote their upcoming show with Slaughter March 25 at Dejoria Center in Kamas, Utah

Sexy as Hell Indica & Gabrielle from Exotic Kitty Gentlemen’s Club stop by for some madness

“Rad” Chad teaches us how he rubs Lora Lei’s smooth legs with coconut oil during the movies

Aaron “Roadkill” Saxton (formerly of 102.3 fm) The Blaze drops in with a few pizza’s

All girls in-studio tells the audience what’s their favorite male body part

Micky Foxx attempts to do very important and super incoherent news

News music from Korn, Mastodon, and Starset

Therron Arrington sings Simple Man & hot new song Miss Charmin Buns

Lydia Criss, ex-wife of legendary KISS drummer Peter Criss, joins show with awesome stories from KISS days, and  her new book

Rockstar Reporter “Rockin’ Rick” with riveting questions for Lydia Criss

Salt Lake City Rock Maniacs “Cirkus” in-studio “Shootin’ The Shit” and playing LIVE

It’s the return of Radio Vixen “Micky Foxx. Her headphones on, Mic “Hot”, Banana Juice ready to go!

Co-host Jonni Lightfoot, with “Beer Buddy” Ron and Super Sexy “Lora Lei”

Show Therapist Michelle Twitchell-Nelson takes phone calls about sexual fantasies to fetishes

Tony Harnell (TNT/Skid Row) introduces up and coming Rock Goddess Rachel Lorin

We play new game “Pup Tent with Playdough”


Valentine’s Day Massacre Party presented by Aztec Highway

TNT / Skid Row singer Tony Harnell

Blackout Productions perform fire breathing & twirling acrobatics in KBER parking lot

Aztec Highway provides $500.00 in cash gift cards to giveaway to those in Lust & Love

The Bachelor “Rad” Chad romances sexy Lora Lei

Bart proposes to Amy Evans and she says…YES!

“Lil’ Miss Winter Wonderland” bikini contest featuring Exotic Kitty dancers

Former KBER employee (1990-2003) Trudy Tillman co-hosts with us Maniacs

It’s our First Annual “Cory & Casey Superbowl “Sheet Show” Spectacular

Super Producer Jamie Vallee “Leaves Las Vegas” and is LIVE in-studio for his birthday.

Playboy model Kathy Brown recaps Patriots Superbowl win & Lora Lei confirms in-studio date with “Rad” Chad

Performing LIVE during halftime –

Jonni Lightfoot (Air Supply / Skit Skat / Tony Harnell (TNT)

Therron Arrington (Hard Knox)

Super Producer Jamie Valle’e (N.M.S. Howell)

Dottie Riley drops by with jalapeno poppers & Holly (Casey’s sister) bitch slaps us for being too naughty…Lol


Fox Sports host J.T. “The Brick” talk Superbowl and Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas

Killer Dwarfs drummer Darrell Millar and singer Russ discuss famous Rafter’s Riot in 1991

Therron Arrington (Hard Knox) performs 2 acoustic songs

Joan Jett sings Mary Tyler Moore theme song

Casey Baird’s sister Holly straightens our asses out with bitch slaps

Rockin’ Rick tells us how he met his new girlfriend, and his homerun in 5 dates!

James Cowan (Evidential Investigations) with details how he collects evidence on Cheaters

Sexy Haylee (The Royal) drums on “Rad” Chad’s  white ass

ABC 4-Utah’s Investigative Reporter Jennifer Gardiner brings 11 year old son Josh by

Casey Baird runs the show while Cory Draper reports live at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah

Ashley Jackson, “Rad” Chad, “Jedi” Mitch, and Dirty Lyle co-host in-studio

“Rad” Chad chickens out and doesn’t ask Ashley Jackson on a date

Rockin’ Rick and Super Producer Jamie Valle’e call in to “Shoot The Shit”

Music from Megadeth, Danger Danger, Pantera, Crashdiet, Jackyl, Scorpions, Firehouse, Ugly Kid Joe, Guns N’ Roses


Porn Superstar Dale DaBone offers us advice on the adult business, which is…NOT to do it

James Cowan, owner of Evidential Investigations, teaches us how he collects evidence on Cheaters for Divorce Court and simple Peace of Mind

Sexy Haylee, our favorite cocktail waitress at The Royal, comes in-studio to play drums on “Rad” Chad’s ass

ABC 4-Utah’s Investigative Reporter Jennifer Gardiner brings her 11 year old son Josh in to see how real radio is done!

Ex-Wives of Rock, MTV & “Cherry Pie” video Icon Bobbie Brown joins the show

Medium Cheryl Phillips, who has helped Casey Baird cope and understand his daughter Tawnee’s death, comes in-studio to talk about Spirits, Death, and how Tawnee communicates with Casey weekly

To contact Cheryl Phillips, visit –

Long time friend of the show David Williams (Killinger / Crazy Dave’s Renegades) checks in from warm & cozy Canada

Jonni Lightfoot joins us in-studio with “Rad” Chad, Intern Kalmar, and Mitch “The KBER Jedi”
“Rad” Chad “Bitch Slaps” Casey Baird shocking entire KBER studio, then Casey Baird tackles “Rad” Chad and spanks him with tender care
Super Producer Jamie Valle’e with great news, all 4 guest interviews won’t be calling in…Lol
Gene Simmons from KISS calls in super pissed our management called him on a Sunday night.
iPhone’s “Siri” turns into a complete “Beotch” after we ask her several interesting questions

It’s our KBER Christmas Special featuring “Ho Ho” tunes from Gilby Clarke, Billy Squier, Tuff, L.A. Guns, Stephen Pearcy, Danger Danger, even Lemmy from Motorhead

Aztec Highway (www.AztecHighway.com) gave us $1,000.00 of Visa gift cards (cash) to give out to those needing a little help

Winners include fellow Utah DJ Marcus, Rockin’ Rick, Alta Hawk teacher Mr. Don Ward, and listeners Desiree, Michelle, Michael, and Kris

In-studio guests include Ashley Jackson, Cassidy Lynn, Therron (Hard Knox) and KBER’s Mitch


Canadian Superstar – Aldo Nova chats about writing songs on first album

ABC 4-Utah TV Reporter Jennifer Gardiner promotes Domestic Violence organization

We’ve Got Tonight: The Life and Times of Notorious Groupie – Author Alycen Rowse

Rockin’ Rick interviews Las Vegas Reporter Ellen Redd for job

Intern Ashley Jackson & 9-inch Grinch Kalmar

Alan Thicke tribute with Blake Hastings from rockband (Hipnostic / Lixx Array)

Guns N’ Roses remakes song by Charles Manson originally produced in early 60’s


Robb Reid from Babylon A.D. with great news about new album, 2017 tour, and his Gayness!

Guitarist “Bumblefoot” (Guns N’ Roses) with new song “The Madness” from band Art of Anarchy featuring Scott Stapp (Creed)

Rockstar Reporter Rick interviews incredible guitarist Bumblefoot LIVE!  This interview is NOT to be missed…

Exciting debut of game “Pie Face”

Comedian Scott James Bennett drops by studio

Adult Film Star, Club Wet Dancer, Wasted Space Bartender, Cassidy Lynn joins us

Ashley Jackson is our new Intern!


Legendary singer “Jack Russell” (Great White) with debut of “Blame It On The Night”

We celebrate Aqua Net Hotness” with Lita Ford, Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale), and Vixen

In-studio guests Jonni Lightfoot, “Guitar Zsar” Kurt Johnson from Downfall / Harlot

“Hot as Hell” Haylee from The Royal plays new Trivia Game “Tazer The Ween”

Sexy Shalon wins WIldside tix and visits studio

New music from Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy, Metallica, and Korn


It’s the Debut of “The Cory & Casey Show” LIVE on KBER

Mark Slaughter & Drew Hannah (Wildside singer) call to welcome show back on Utah airwaves

New Metallica, Rubicon Cross (Firehouse singer CJ Snare)

Former KBER DJ’s Scott “Woody” Woodmansee and Mark “Erection” Erickson stop by as our in-studio guests

Music from…Dirty Looks / Chevelle /  The Ramones / Ugly Kid Joe / Megadeth / Judas Priest / Steel Panther / Roxy Blue