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“Cory Draper with Jonni Lightfoot”

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November 4th, 2017 – May 13, 2018



Mother’s Day “Rock n’ Roll Special” featuring songs and bands related to “Yo Mama Mia”
Jonni brings in homemade cheesecake he just made, using his Mom’s recipe…it was Awesome!
We analyze lyrics to “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis, and decide it’s sung by “Cellmate to Cellmate”
Charlie Jenkins calls in to defend Jailhouse Rock, and confirm it’s a HUGE rumor (started by Jonni Lightfoot) …about it being gay…Lol
Producer J.T. Hiskey drops by with smokin’ hot Lisa to tell his Mom “Happy Mother’s Day”
New song – Every Mother’s Nightmare


This show celebrates Cory’s birthday and Christmas early in May, as Jonni comes to the studio bearing toys & gifts
KISS Hot Wheels, Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” Barbie, and MASSIVE “True Heroes” AB-115 Shark Plane
Hairband Royalty “Cinderella” perform in hilarious “Pat’s Hot Dog” commercial (1985) before release of “Night Songs”
New – Europe from album “Walk The Earth”
We crank…Slash (with Adam Levine) on vocals, KISS, Marilyn Manson


New track from Hollywood Rose, featuring Guns n’ Roses members and guitarist Tracii Guns
J.T. Hiskey joins us in-studio to discuss who’s considered # 1 rap artist
Rockin’ Rick calls in to ask why Jonni and J.T. didn’t call him when they visited Disneyland by his home in Anaheim
After NBA game (during show) ends, Utah Jazz lose to Houston Rockets
“Fun On The Farm” preview
New – Mr. Big Live album
Original Train guitarist “Jimmy Stafford” joins us to talk about KISS, his High School Reunion, and where he displays 2 Grammy’s
Train have sold 30+ million albums & singles including #1 hit songs “Drops of Jupiter”, “Meet Virginia”, “Sweet Soul Sister”, “Calling All Angels”
Producer J.T. Hiskey tells us about “Love”, his new song featured on The Jimmy Fallon Show
Cory describes his first encounter (EVER) regarding Le Boom Boom, it ended bad…Lol
We crank new Ghost, along with Saigon Kick, Steel Panther, Steven Tyler, In This Moment


One of the most successful lead singers in recording history…Russell Hitchcock (lead singer Air Supply)
(8) Top 10 hits, 15+ million albums sales, Russell & Graham even hosted TV show Solid Gold when Andy Gibb was a “No Show”
“The Classic Metal Show” host Chris Akin talks with us about wild interviews including Steven Adler, Michael Sweet, George Lynch
The Classic Metal Show –
Rockin’ Rick & “Fiance” Lana call from Californai
Bang Tango guitarist “Drew Fortier” is our special guest. His Bang Tango documentary is now on You Tube…be sure and watch it!
Drew’s new band Zen From Mars features Kik Tracee singer “Stephen Shareaux” and bassist “Chip Z’ Nuff”
Canadian Madman “David Williams” (Killinger singer) invades America on the show. We talk about bleaching Rick Astley’s butthole, Stryper and George Lynch experiences, and play “Holding On” by Killinger
We’re going to attempt the impossible –> Play a few songs off Poison’s (2002) album “Hollyweird”


Jonni kicks the show off right and brings in Little Caesar pizza’s and homemade cheesecake
We racap our visit to Hill Airforce Base (before show) and describe the 100+ jets we saw

B-52, F-16, P-38, Warthog, MIG, SR-71, p-51 Mustang, Liberator, Kitty Hawk (replica)

Jonni’s (Father) is our special guest and tells us about living in Florida, and flying Bell P-59 Airacomet jets in the Air Force (1968-1974)

New music from – TNT, The Wild!, Kobra and The Lotus, Baby-Maid, Zen From Mars (featuring Drew Fortier, Chip Z’nuff, Stephen Shereaux)

This show we’re excited to play different styles of music…Ska Punk, Japanese Rock, Heavy Metal
Killer guitarist “Jeff Young” is our special guest. He was lead guitarist on Megadeth’s platinum album So Far, So Good…So What!
We read email from “Dave Mustaine” apologizing for his bad behavior towards Jeff, and his invitation (to join Megadeth) onstage when inducted into the “Rock n’ Roll” Hall of Fame
Ska Punk Royalty “Monique Powell” (Save Ferris) tells us how she started as an opera singer, Summer tour, & new LIVE album in 2018


Special guest Mark Slaughter
We talk about Vinnie Vincent, favorite Grease songs, Dana Strum’s hot girlfriend, then promote Slaughter show Saturday night at Leatherheads
Let’s celebrate 40th anniversary of “Grease” (1978) by playing tunes from movie entire show
Join us Saturday, April 14th at (2pm) to watch this classic at Jordan Commons Theaters
Watching this movie in theaters will be fun! Everyone singing, John Travolta greasing his lightning, and Olivia Newton-John in “Worlds Tightest Pants”
We pay tribute to KISS guitarist Mark St. John. He passed away 11 years ago (April 5th)
Let’s crank songs (Mark played on) from “Animalize”…Thrills In The Night, Under The Gun, While The City Sleeps
Rapper J.T. Hiskey drops by with dog “Tun Tun” to tell us about visit to Jimmy Hendrix Memorial and home of Kurt Cobain (Washington)
“Tun Tun” freaks out when Jonni growls like Chewbacca
New tunes – Judas Priest, Steel Panther, Stone Temple Pilots, Junkyard


We pay tribute to Musician & Songwriter “Sean Delaney”…known as “The 5th Member of KISS”
Sean wrote many great KISS songs including Makin’ Love, Take Me, Mr. Speed, Rock Bottom

He passed away in 2003 and is buried down the street from us in Orem, Utah

Let’s crank KISS songs from “Rock and Roll Over” & “Alive II”…and make Sean proud!

Cory surprises Jonni with KISS collectible figures from BTNT Toyz in Salt Lake City, Utah

New Judas Priest “Necromancer” off Firepower

Movie Review – Ready Player One

This episode was produced in Las Vegas January 7th, 2010
Pawn Stars owner Rick Harrison tells us how he created one of the most popular cable shows

The “Tedster” calls in to discuss the AVN Porn Convention

Cory Draper punishes listeners by replaying The Bay City Rollers

Slash & David Lee Roth fight in-studio while recording song

We play clip from 80’s movie “Natural Born Stalkers” featuring Jamie Valle’e as angry detective


We pay tribute to “The Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar
Let’s crank songs from Montrose, Solo Sammy, songs off Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Over The Top, & Van Hagar
D’Molls perform LIVE in Lakewood, Colorado at The Silver Spur Saloon

Rock News…

– L.A. Guns announce 48th (new) guitarist

– Warren DeMartini leaves Ratt

New song from rockers Bigfoot
Jonni Lightfoot and I welcome Babylon A.D. singer “Derek Davis” to promote their show
Friday, March 23rd at Liquid Joe’s
We play music off new CD “Revelation Highway”
Rock News…
– KISS producing TV show to find musicians to replace Gene & Paul
– New Dokken video with classic line up & wig
Movie Reviews – I..Tonya, Pitch Perfect 3, The Shape of Water


It’s our St. Patrick’s Day Special, let’s celebrate this “Mean Green” Holiday and crank Ireland’s finest…Thin Lizzy
We pay tribute to Kathy Ireland because of her last name and sexy bikini pics!
Epic “Shit Fits” onstage from Courtney Love, Paul Stanley, Axel, Dee Snider, & Dave Grohl
New tunes…Stryper, Pearl Jam, Jizzy Pearl, Parkway Drive

Movie Reviews – Battle of The Sexes, Lady Bird

Rock news – Paul Stanley unreleased demos
Framing The Red are Southern Rockers from Mississippi with 3 songs on FM radio.  Lead singer Jordan Newman is our special guest
Jonni surprises Cory by bringing Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) doll from Grease and Pamela Anderson Pop! doll to display in-studio
We play famous songs from “Hee Haw” including Junior Samples, Roy Clark, Buck Owens
New tunes…Y&T (acoustic), Breaking Benjamin, Klassik ’78, Tempt
Framing The Red live at Liquid Joe’s Friday, March 16th with Az-Iz & One Way Only


Former D’Molls (drummer & author) Billy McCarthy joins us LIVE. His new book “Beat Me ‘Til I’m Famous” just hit the streets
Billy describes heading to Sunset Strip (early 80’s) and forming Kid Rocker, legendary D’Molls, and Screamin’ Mimi’s with guitarist C.C. Deville

Special in-studio appearance by Rapper J.T. Hiskey. He brings his “Hot Babe”, Hot Dog “Tun Tun”, and freestyle raps a few “Killa Jams”

Caleb Gray (Caleb Gray Band) calls in to promote show at Tipsy Cow Saloon (Spanish Fork, Utah) Friday, March 16th

“Weird Al” Yankovic, Y&T, Andrew W.K.
We welcome actress & singer Lezlie Deane. She starred in 80’s slashers Freddy’s Nightmares, Freddy’s Dead, and classic 976-EVIL
She was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and now singer in glitter punk band Scary Cherry & The Bang Bangs
Jonni shows off baking skills by bringing homemade raspberry cheesecake to studio
Tommy Lee 9-11 call after son Brandon knocks him out, L.A. Guns fires guitarist via email
New tunes…Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin


It’s our first annual Academy Awards special
Join Jonni Lightfoot and I as we announce winners of The Oscar Meyer awards
Best Film, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Ass
New tunes from –
Judas Priest, Robert Plant, Loudness, Bullet, Hardline
 Mashup with Ratt & Marvin Gaye
We discuss what movie we have seen the most, and most inappropriate for kids but parents brought them anyway
Sometimes it’s fun to get a Lil’ Naughty “Danger Danger” style LIVE on “The Cory Draper Show”
You remember songs –> Bang Bang, Monkey Business, Blame It On Love, Slipped Her The Big One on Pure Rock Radio?
That’s right, I’m talkin’ bout hairband royalty “Danger Danger” and we crank their songs the entire show
Jonni Lightfoot checks in from D’Molls recording studio with singer Desi Rexx. They’re rehearsing for show at Silver Spur Saloon in Lakewood, Colorado (with Babylon A.D.) March 24th
Myles Kennedy, Dorothy, Framing The Red


Jonni Lightfoot and I talk to Derek Davis about Babylon A.D. Hells Angels fans, new album “Revelation Highway”, and Air Supply groupie’s
Brian Johnson sings “Feels Like The First Time” (Foreigner) in his band Geordie, years before joining AC/DC in 1980
Jonni Lightfoot brings original Donny & Marie dolls from the 70’s to display in-studio
Rockin’ Rick calls in to talk about John Travolta and movie Grease back in Utah theaters April 8th & 11th
We play Slade’s original versions of “Mama Weer All Crazy Now” & “Cum On Feel The Noize”
We crank Eric Carr (KISS) tunes from solo album Rockology that was never released (R.I.P.)
Listen to Fergie rehearse The National Anthem before NBA All-star Game, a solo tune, then
“Beautiful Dangerous” with Slash
Jimmy Kimmel (Mean Tweets) with Gal Gadot, Liam Neeson, Howard Stern, Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Lawrence

Air Supply tour bus driver “Frank Krolik” calls in with stories about being on the road with Jonni

New – Steel Panther, Thundermother, Gene Simmons (It’s My Life)

Wildside, Gilby Clark, Hardline, Love/Hate


We pay tribute to blockbuster “Black Panther” by playing songs & bands that contain word “Black”
Black Betty, Blackout (Scorpions), Michael Jackson (Black & White), Blondes In Black Cars, Y&T (Black Tiger), Blackeyed Susan
Last song Jimmy Hendrix recorded with The Experience, Rock News, Black Panther movie
New music…Fozzy, Black Veil Brides
Rockin’ Rick tells us about his appearances on “That Metal Show” and MTV’s “Single Out”
Cory lights Doritos on fire, tastes them, and discovers they are delicious!
It’s another “Wild Party” on “The Cory Draper Show” on Pure Rock Radio!
Jonni Lightfoot and I welcome Musician “Stacey Blades” from L.A. Guns, Roxx Gang, Electric Radio Kings
We chat with Stacey about living in Las Vegas, being in L.A. Guns, the current music biz, and his new band Electric Radio Kings
** Don’t miss Electric Radio Kings LIVE in concert with special guests Reloaded & Trainwreck (Friday, April 6th) at The Royal
Y&T, Tesla, Raven, Texas Hippie Coalition


Jonni Lightfoot and I crank tunes from bands that set sail today on The Monster of Rock Cruise to The Bahamas
Y&T, Tesla, Rhino Bucket, Raven, Lita Ford, Winger

Killinger lead singer David Williams checks in with what he’s been up to in Canada
We listen to Peter Criss sing “Beck” from his 60’s band Chelsea, which later became “Beth” in KISS
 President Donald Trumps tells us about his Stormi Daniels encounter and orange hair
Tony Harnell (TNT) joins us to discuss why meeting Rockstars and Musicians can either good, bad, & ugly

Rambo meets Leatherface in-studio…then both kick off some killer romance on camera

Freddie Mercury records isolated vocals to “Bohemiam Rhapsody” and “Under Pressure” with David Bowie

We play tunes from bands (just announced to public) who are performing in SLC this Spring and Summer…

Poison, Cheap Trick, Pop Evil, Def Leppard, Slaughter, Vixen, Judas Priest


NASCAR Barbie, “Squirting” Skipper, and Harley Davidson Ken have 3-some LIVE on Facebook
Terry Ilous (Great White & XYZ) confirms Cory Draper was Lil’ Piggy back at KBER in 80’s
We play “Whole Lotta Love” off Terry’s new solo record “Gypsy Dreams”
Scary sounding Bruce Jender calls studio to describe how he made his Hotdog a Taco
Judas Priest “Firepower”, Motley Crue track “Nobody Know’s What It’s Like To Be Lonely”
New Breaking Benjamin, Jonathan Davis, Five Finger Death Punch
2018 Grammy Awards Special presented by “The Cory Draper Show” on Pure Rock Radio!
Grammy Award winners updates throughout show including music from…Chuck Berry, “Fats” Domino, Linkin Park, Chris Cornell with Zac Brown Band
New music…Terry Ilous, Theory of a Deadman, Tales From The Porn
80’s Soundtrack tunes featuring –
Lion (The Wraith)
Blues Brothers (Soul Man)
Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Judas Priest (Johnny Be Good)


1,000’s of musicians appear at The NAMM Show each year.  It ended tonight, so we feature musicians that performed in Montrose Tribute…
James Kottak (Scorpions-Kingdom Come), Frank Hannon (Tesla), Brent Woods (Wildside-Vince Neil), Doug Aldrich (Dio)
Jonni Lightfoot calls in from Disneyland at Pirates of The Caribbean ride, then tells us how he met Star Wars Director J.J. Abrams
New music…Myles Kennedy, Loudness, W.A.S.P.
Pornstars “Hate Ted Cruz” commercial
Drummer James Kottak (Scorpions / Kingdom Come) checks in with news about his new album and future projects in 2018
Lorelei Shellist (Steve Clark) fiance talks about her days with Steve, and friendship with members of Def Leppard
Kristy “Krash” Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd) performs Billy Joel’s “Only The Good Die Young”
Vinnie Vincent demo “Gypsy In Your Eyes”
We play Def Leppard songs Steve Clark wrote, and Tesla’s “Song & Emotion” written about him


Special “L.A. Guns” edition celebrating their performance at Liquid Joe’s (Jan. 19th, 2018) with original singer Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns
Let’s dig deep and play tons of L.A. Guns “MTV Headbangers Ball” style…songs that put them on the “Sleaze Rock” map
Troy Gonzalez from Blackout Productions with details about his awesome Fire Show at Ice Castles at The Homestead in Midway, Utah
Last song recorded from Lemmy of Motorhead
Jonni Lightfoot calls in from his fabulous “Zoolander” photo shoot
Rodney Dangerfield, Saint & Sinners, Lillian Axe
“New Found Glory” bass guitarist Ian Grushka joins show to verify he has an Air Supply tattoo on his chest, then reviews Netflix movies
New music…Marilyn Manson, New Found Glory, Jack Russell, Kid Rock

A listener calls in to notify us that someone in Mountain View, CA is threatening to harm himself LIVE on Facebook, so we call police

Reviews of Speed Racer, The Accountant, H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund & The Sea Monster
Who is best Batman – George Clooney, Adam West, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck
We crank Bruce Dickinson, AC/DC, Autograph


“That Metal Show” host Don Jamieson & Chip Z’nuff promote party at Liquid Joe’s with famous rockers “Hookers & Blow” & Dead Fervor
Hookers & Blow features…

Chip Z’nuff (Enuff Z’nuff)
Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses)
Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot)
Todd Kerns (Slash / Myles Kennedy)
Johhny Kelly (Type O Negative / Danzig)

Gene Simmons along with Ace Frehley, Eric Singer, and Bruce Kulick perform “Parasite” acoustic at Vault boxset release at Capitol Records

We crank Type O Negative, Quiet Riot, Guns N’ Roses, Slash’s Snakepit & new tunes from Myles Kennedy, Animal Drive, Framing The Red

Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty with details about their show at Leatherheads Sports Bar (Saturday January, 13th)
We crank rare Firehouse songs including new unreleased solo music from Bill Leverty
Rambo, Squirting Skipper, The Terminator, Joey Ramone, & Eddie Iron drop by then make out
“Rad” Chad confirms he is NOT a suspect on new season of Forensic Files
New music from…Whitesnake, L.A. Guns, The Wild, Pop Evil, Babylon A.D.
Local musician Dicki Fliszar sings AC/DC’s “Touch To Much” acoustic


It’s our first 2018 episode!
Dennis Hof from The Bunny Ranch joins the show with bunnies Tiara, Caressa Kisses, and Bobbi Besos with tips on what to do the “first time” you visit, and what “their” fantasies are (
Jani Lane & Bobbi Brown’s daughter Maddie sings “Heaven” from Warrant
Cory removes all clothes from Skipper (1974) “Growing Up” doll to show how she grows taller and gets bigger boobies by twisting left arm
Rockin’ Rick calls in to say “Happy New Year”
New tunes from Judas Priest, BulletBoys, Brad Jurjens (featuring Jeff Scott Soto)
We recap “The Best” songs, movies, rock clubs, guests and bands who appeared on our KBER 101 and Pure Rock Radio shows in 2017
George Lynch, Jack Russell, Kristy “Krash” Majors, Lydia Criss, Chip Z’nuff, Kane Roberts, Aldo Nova, Tommy Paris, Rachel Bolan, Erik Turner, Blas Elias, Mark Slaughter, Tony Harnell
Stephen Pearcy, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Dennis Hof (Bunny Ranch), Ryan McCombs (Drowning Pool), Robert Mason, Mike Howe (Metal Church)
This is our last in-studio show of 2017
Jonni gives Cory a 1974 Skipper doll that grows boobies by rotating her left arm…true!
Casey Kasem meltdown on American Top 40


Rockstar Jack Russell (Great White) joins show with details about 2018 release “Once Acoustically Bitten” featuring acoustic hits Rock Me, Mistreater, Save Your Love, Lady Starlight
Jack tells us about past hairdoo extensions, new book he is writing about his life, and how relaxing it is to pee off his boat at 2am
We crank “Hairband” Christmas tunes from –
Twisted Sister, Jimmy Fallon, Gilby Clarke, Steel Panther, Billy Squier, Danger Danger
Cory gives Jonni “Lucille” bat from The Walking Dead for Christmas
New music – Royal Blood, Metallica
The Sunday Night Edition of “The Cory Draper Show” with Jonni Lightfoot
– Gene Simmons sexual harassment lawsuit
– Popular You Tube clips
– Famous 2017 deaths
– Teen sings like Kurt Cobain on TV show
– 2018 movies being produced
Christmas songs from Helix & Steel Panther
Rockin’ Rick with 9-1-1 call advice
We crank Penrose (opening for Firehouse Jan. 13th, 2018 at Leatherheads Sports Grill)
Music from – Raven, Doro Pesch, Cry of Love, Baton Rouge, Ted Nugent, W.A.S.P.


Let’s bring back the late 80’s & 90’s “Electric Slide” style by Crankin’ bands that performed at Utah’s infamous night club…The Power Plant!
Bands that performed LIVE (1988-1995)
Motley Crue (Hooligan’s Holiday)
David Lee Roth (Lil’ Ain’t Enough)
Samantha Fox (Touch Me)
Don Dokken (Mirror Mirror)
Quiet Riot (Little Angel)
Rose Royce (Car Wash)
The Last Jedi, The Walking Dead, KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park review
Rockin’ Rick explains how he lasts 90+ minutes (with fiance) in the sack
Rock News –
Alice Cooper stars in new TV show
Mike Tramp won’t reunite White Lion
D’Molls LIVE at Liquid Joe’s New Years Eve
Jonni displays Light Saber
Boondock Saints review
Cory’s neighbor has “Big” Ba-Bushka
Tramp Stamps discussed…Lame?
New music –
Royal Blood
Nuno Bettencourt
Myles Kennedy
Father sings with 3 year old daughter


Great friends Bart & Amy drop by the studio and confirm they are super happy & still engaged
We play rare Firehouse music never played on FM or Sirius/XM to get us ready for their concert Jan. 13th, 2018 at Leatherheads Sports Grill
Rockin’ Rick gives us a Southern CA fire update, and movie review of Daddy’s Home 2
Guitarist Jeff Aleman (Transmit Cast / Skit Skat / Cirkus) tells us about his private movie reel collection including Star Wars & adult movies

New music –

The Darkness

New Machine
Marilyn Manson
Tony Harnell (TNT) rates his favorite 60’s, 70’s (male/female) singers, then chats about David Cassidy (The Partridge Family) popularity, fashion, haircut, and music
Drummer Trent Anderson (Bang Tango, Sushi Roll, Tuff) talks about music industry and his time touring in D’Molls
We rate past Walking Dead seasons, then discuss which tribe has the hottest girls and more fun to be in
New music – Loverboy, Pretty Boy Floyd, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
Charles Manson demo songs he produced before 1969 murder spree


We play last recording of Lemmy (Motorhead) singing & playing bass with guitarist Chris Declercq and A Perfect Circle drummer Josh Freese…Lemmy Lives!
Special guest Rick Ruhl (singer) from Every Mother’s Nightmare talks about Barbara Mandrell kin, red Corvette’s, and new album “Grind”
Remember when MTV rocked Friday nights with Riki Rachtman and Headbangers Ball?
We crank Hot Chicks in Heels & Hairspray!
Lita Ford, Vixen, Joan Jett, Femme Fatale
New music from – Alice Cooper, Operation: Mindcrime (Geoff Tate)
X-mas tunes from Tuff, Helix, Gilby Clarke
Robert Mason, vocalist for Warrant, Cry of Love, & Lynch Mob tells us how he survived motorcycle accident and touring with Ozzy
Rhino Bucket drummer Dave DuCey with details how he got gig and meeting Jonni in Utah
It’s the 10 year anniversary (November 25th, 2007) of Kevin Dubrow passing away, so we pay respects and play Itchycoo Park
We crank rock tunes from cheesy 80’s movies –
King Kobra – (Iron Eagle)
Dio – (Vision Quest)
Lion – (The Wraith)
Andy Taylor – (American Anthem)
“Rad Chad” Norris & Wonder Woman drop by


Awesome 80’s” movie tunes…
– Poison – (Less Than Zero), Babylon A.D. – (Robocop), Sammy Hagar – (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
David Cassidy (R.I.P.) was mega famous in 1975, let’s play Partridge Family bubblegum hits!
Ashley Jackson drops by to discuss what a “Hipster” actually is, and what guys should post on dating websites
Country music (singer/songwriter) Mel Tillis passed away too, we spin “Coco Cola Cowboy”
Stone Temple Pilots with new singer
Bubbles & The Shitrockers (The Trailer Park Boys) debut new video featuring Alex Lifeson
Show starts out on track with killer “Glam Rock” tunes with a touch of “Sleaze”, but once Tommy Paris calls in…the show turns into The “Cereal Killer” Movie & Action Figure Extravaganza
Tommy confesses he wants Ted Bundy action figure that includes 70’s disco pants, mask, tire iron, VW Beetle, and bell bottom pants
Jonni discovers headless naked Paul Stanley doll on eBay for $50.00
Tommy Paris plays theme to movie Halloween (1978) that triggers instant death of infamous asshole Charles Mansion
To order new Tommy Paris Band CD visit (


Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist Kristy “Krash” Majors with legendary stories about Sunset Strip and debuts new album Public Enemies
AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young passed away today, so we pay tribute by playing rare songs not played on FM or Sirius/XM
Sexy bass guitarist Amber Cat talks about legendary club Mitchell Brothers, and if she can still “Smacka Da Bass” on her Zon guitar
Sleazy Glam Rock & Metal from…Poison, Jetboy, Motley Crue, Enuff Z’Nuff, KISS, Autograph, Loudness, Hanoi Rocks, Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango
Drummer Blas Elias talks about Slaughter years, being member of The Blue Man Group, and new gig drumming in Trans Siberian Orchestra

Tony Harnell (TNT / Starbreaker / Skid Row) talks about growing up in San Diego, skateboarding, surfing, then rock career

Listen to original Skid Row singer Matt Fallon (before Sebastian Bach) sing bands biggest hits including “18 and Life”

We play country song from Skid Row’s 3rd singer Johnny Solinger

Rockstar Reporter “Rockin’ Rick” is live at the Tom Keifer (Cinderella) show in CA with Hynostic guitarist Blake Hastings


We pay tribute to Veteran’s that have fought for Freedom by playing Patriotic songs all night
Metallica with The Star Spangled Banner
Artists performing…Nuno Bettencourt, John Fogerty, Dave Grohl, Charlie Daniels Band, Sammy Hagar, Kid Rock
Rare KISS songs from album “The Elder”
Rockin’ Rick confirms interview on tomorrow nights show with Tom Kiefer (Cinderella)
Karla Jean calls in to confirm Jonni gave her a piggy back ride when she was 12
Lea from Canada checks in and talks about Steve Perry from Journey
Special Sunday edition of “The Cory Draper Show” with Jonni Lightfoot
Rock News featuring Quiet Riot, Thin Lizzy, Poison, Dee Snider, Sebastian Bach
The latest Star Wars & Thor movie review
New songs from Kid Rock, Tommy Paris Band
Warrant, Jackyl, Kik Tracee, Twisted Sister, and Stryper perform famous 60’s & 70’s songs
Rockin’ Rick’s fiance confirms he is hung like a Mule Deer
The McDonalds McRib is back!
We pay tribute to Dee’s 25 cent hamburgers


Jonni Lightfoot is new co-host of “The Wildest” rock show on Planet Earth!
Frank Conte (Az Iz singer) with kick ass info, his band opens for BulletBoys November 16th at Liquid Joe’s

J.T. Hiskey, Rockin’ Rick, and Chris Walters (Skit Skat) call in to wish us good luck

New songs from –
Operation Mindcrime (Geoff Tate), Autograph, Kid Rock, Avenged Sevenfold

Win $20.00 gift certificates from Aztec Highway in (SLC / Roy)

We also cranked –
Motorhead, XYZ, Ace Frehley, Aldo Nova, Marilyn Manson, Y&T, Pantera, Enuff Z’Nuff, Firehouse, Art of Dying, BulletBoys

Mark Slaughter promotes his “Slaughter” show at Liquid Joe’s (Friday, November 17th) and new solo album
“Butcher Babies” Heidi Shepherd joins show to announce she is Judge for the Halloween costume contests at Leatherheads during The Freakers Ball
Heavy Metal band “Classic Jack” invades the studio to “Raise some Hell” and Jam some tunes
KBER’s Corky (with Butcher Babies) and Transvestite Kenny call from The Freakers Ball
New music from Kid Rock, Tom Keifer, Royal Blood, Greta Van Fleet
Rockin’ Rick talks about how he met his ex-wife in 2005 at The Freakers Ball