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November 4th, 2017 – May 13th, 2018

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We debut new duet with rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone

Adam Sandler (Chris Farley tribute song) on Saturday Night Live

Brian Johnson’s 70’s band “Geordie” before joining AC/DC in 1980

Rock band “Fozzy” featuring wrestler Chris Jericho on vocals

Mashup with Ozzy Osbourne & Earth, Wind, and Fire

Music from Firehouse, Kingdom Come, Kid Rock, Stone Fury, David Lee Roth



We crank bands playing LIVE in Salt Lake City this Summer at USANA Amphitheater, The Royal, Liquid Joe’s, & The Complex
311, Quiet Riot, KISS, Skillet, Pop Evil
New Starbreaker featuring singer Tony Harnell (T.N.T.) and Jonni Lightfoot
Stephen Pearcy with Ratt singing accoustic Creedence Clearwater Rival song
Details of new Rock Musical “A Wall Apart” featuring music & lyrics by singer/songwriter Graham Russell (Air Supply)

2nd show of 2019 cranks New Wave!

We spin 80’s Aqua Net hits to celebrate The Lost 80’s Tour at Sandy Amphitheater

Flock of Seagulls, Real Life, The Vapors, When In Rome, The Escape Club, Boys Don’t Cry, Wang Chung
Then New Wave hits from 80’s movies –
Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Valley Girl,
Some Kind of Wonderful
General Public, Modern English, J. Geils Band, The Cars, Pat Benatar


“The Cory Draper Show” returns LIVE in 2019 on Pure Rock Radio!
First half of show Cory discusses his son Casey’s death on Christmas
Eve and the last 8 months of ups / downs
Second half of show we crank…
Kid Rock, McQueen Street, Uncle Kracker, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Pantera
SLC Concerts – Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango

Movie Review –

Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star Is Born

Killer tunes from –

Shotgun Messiah, Saigon Kick, Raven, Poison, Kik Tracee, McQueen Street

Cory describes meeting comedian Dave Attell at Club Axis while filming Insomniac

New Roxanne (featuring Kings X singer Dug Pinnick)

Jonni decides if he would rather see an Amy Grant or Shotgun Messiah Christmas Special



David Williams (Killinger) joins us with killer news…weed is finally legal in Canada!

Plus…David co-stars in new movie “Hot Box” (released 2019) and web series (debuting Nov. 1st) The Death Lab

Rockin’ Rick calls in from System of A Down concert in San Diego

New tunes – Electric Boys, Snew, Metal Church, A Perfect Circle, Ghost

New KISS box set (167 songs)
Nikki Sixx describes new Motley Crue songs as hard & rough
Ghost band members sue singer Tobias Forge for withholding moola

Joey Belladonnna (Anthrax) sings Journey tune
Weight Loss Tips
New tunes –
GWAR, Coheed and Cambria, Stephen Pearcy, Those Damn Crows
Rock News –
“Happy Birthday” David Lee Roth
Rock n’ Roll “Hall of Fame” nominees
Raven – USA tour dates
Movie Review – Taking Chance


We play Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Heather Graham, & Nicole Eggert movie trivia
Metal Dogs (Live) performance at The Spur Bar & Grill in Park City, Utah
We discuss how KISS “Farewell Tour” should be
New tunes – Red Dragon Cartel, Donnie Vie, Roxanne, Greta Van Fleet, Jonathan Davis
Cory sings “The Under Age” song with Jonni on acoustic guitar
– Brian Forsythe prefers Rhinobucket over Kix
– Ace Frehley claims he wouldn’t have quit KISS if “Elder” wasn’t released
Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson tells us about his latest projects, tour, signature bass guitar, smackin’ da bass in Megadeth, and where he places his Grammy
EMP Label Group A&R Rep “Thom Hazaert” joins show to promote releases from Killer Dwarfs, Bumblefoot, Kik Tracee, Dangerous Toys, Mark Slaughter
We discuss what artist had first mainstream hip-hop hit – Blondie, Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC
J.T. Hiskey got 2 tickets to Sweeney Todd at Pioneer Theater and decides to take Cory instead of Jonni


Jonni checks in LIVE from Chilifest after performing with Thurl Bailey (Utah Jazz)
New tune – Diemonds
Ace Frehley Dunkin’ Donuts commercial (1975)
How to choose Chicken McNuggets containing more chicken
Rock News –
KISS announces Farewell Tour
Hire Ace Frehley as “Best Man” at your wedding
Billy Sheehan unhappy during “Skyscraper” days
We welcome legendary singer Jack Russell
We talk about fishing, shitting, shark diving, and his show Friday at The Depot (Salt Lake City)
Jack Russell’s Great White
Enuff Z’nuff
Rad” Chad drops by studio after “Lap Dances Galore” from sexy girls at Exotic Kitty
We dust off “Jukebox from Hell” and play early recordings from…Brian Johnson, Ronnie James Dio, Bryan Adams, Sammy Hagar


When David Lee Roth left Van Halen, he made some of the best “80’s Rock” as a solo artist…and definitely the best MTV videos!
Goin’ Crazy, Yankee Rose, Hotdog and a Shake, Just A Gigolo, California Girls, Tobacco Road
We pay tribute to “Diamond” Dave in all his glory and Spandex
New Ted Poley (Danger Danger)
Kevin Bacon (Footloose) Dance Speech
Vince Neil announces (4) new Crue songs
Oz Fox ready to rejoin Stryper tour
New tunes – Joan Jett, Enuff Z’nuff, ReLoaded, P.O.D.
J.T. Hiskey debuts new video
Metallica sings “When Doves Cry”
Rock News –
Gene Simmons trashes Paul Stanley vocals
The Beatles “Came Together” while recording
Mick Mars goes solo
Movie Review – Peppermint (starring Jennifer Garner)


Jonni Lightfoot is in recording studio, so Producer J.T. Hiskey fills in as Co-Host
“One Hit Wonder” bands have been around since the 50’s. So let’s fire up the “Jukebox from Hell” and crank a few
Stage Dolls, Tyketto, Valentine, Cry of Love, Von Groove, Tuff, Spread Eagle, Thunder, D’Priest, D.A.D.
This episode is dedicated to J.T. Hiskey’s family cat “Bam”…R.I.P.
In 1991 a group of kids formed rockband “Bad4Good” with guitarist Steve Vai

Lead singer Danny Cooksey was famous child actor in Diff’rent Strokes and Terminator 2

“Bad4Good” drummer Brooks Wackerman is currently in Avenged Sevenfold

We play tons of their songs off (1991) album “Refugee”

Jonni gets sexy new hairdoo then breaks into The Cabbage Patch dance to “We Built This City” from Starship


New tunes – Jetboy, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) solo song (Frontier Records)
What to do if Hollywood producer sneaks up behind and kisses your neck, and it turns out being a dude!
Nose hair pulling techniques that guarantee crying and massive pain
We discuss our favorite sharks, the Hammerhead and Whale Shark
Vince “Happy Meal” Neil concert review at Leatherheads Sports Grill (Draper, UT)
We announce Loudwire’s Gen-X Tour featuring Buckcherry, Lit, Alien Ant Farm, P.O.D.
Thursday, September 6th
4141 South State, SLC, Utah
Only $25.00 / Smithstix Outlets
Gates at 5pm / 21+
New tune – The Glorious Sons
Rock News –
Vinnie Vincent concert at Graceland with singer Robert Fleischman
Review 80’s comedy – Stripes


We pay tribute to Slayer while they play tonight (USANA Amphitheatre) with Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament, Napalm Death
New – Disturbed, hIPNOSTIC, Aldo Nova (Fantasy remix)
– Oz Fox leaves hospital after seizure
– Aerosmith residency MGM Hotel (Las Vegas)
J.T. Hiskey finds out Bret Michaels (Poison) is actually bald
Rockin’ Rick calls with details of people having sex in cars while on-duty as security guard
The history of mega bush to the landing strip
New – Ace Frehley, Shinedown, DC4, Steve Perry (Journey)
80’s vs 90’s “Movie Soundtrack Battle”
Which movie has hotter babes, best music?
1. Breakfast Club vs. Dumb and Dumber
2. Weird Science vs. American Pie
3. Fast Times At Ridgemont High vs. Clueless
Cory describes his Los Angeles Policeman role in movie High Art (1997)
Jonni gets “Millennium Falcon” Lego kit
Rock band XYZ on “Mission” to reunite


Joining us LIVE is legendary musician Chip Z’nuff
We’ll crank Enuff Z’nuff’s new album “Diamond Boy” (in stores August 10th)
Then we have a special guest “Mini Gene” from KISS tribute band “Mini KISS”
You’ve seen them on Dr. Pepper Superbowl commercial and movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop
We then pay tribute to Ace Frehley, and play his best songs off KISS and solo albums
New tune from – Messer
Special guest drummer “Chris Moore” kicks off world tour with “Rock of Ages” music group
Chris is currently in “Ultraphonix” with singer Corey Glover (Living Colour), George Lynch, and Pancho Tomaselli (Tower of Power)
We’ll “crank” new songs from this super group
J.T. Hiskey performs “Worlds Shortest Rap” at Casey Baird’s birthday party
New tunes from: Alter Bridge, Stone Sour (Acoustic)
Jonni describes his psycho school teachers


Operation:Mindcrime Special
Geoff Tate performed tonight in SLC so let’s “Crank” classic Queensryche entire show
Music from albums – Promised Land, The Warning, Empire, Operation: Mindcrime
New song from “Vixen”
(Redbox movie reviews)
Ready Player One
Sebastian Bach sings “Cemetery Gates”
Singer/Songwriter “Rebecca Black” is our special guest
In 2011, she wrote and produced (# 1) hit song “Friday” currently with over 123,000,000+ views on You Tube
Rebecca was just a contestant on FOX TV “The Four: Battle for Stardom”, let’s see how she’s doing now at 21 years old
Producer J.T. Hiskey’s Mom “Sandy” calls the show to tell us about the 311 concert, and ask J.T. “What & Where” his next tattoo will be
New music – Slash, The Treatment, Dee Snider


A “Double Shot” of Donny & Marie to celebrate their LIVE performance during show at Sandy Amphitheater
New music from – Coheed & Cambria, Fozzy, Greta Van Fleet, Snew
Movie Review – Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.
We pay tribute to Caddyshack by playing original movie trailer and a few songs from soundtrack
Jonni brings in “Ren” Star Wars doll with right hand “Shake Weight” action
Tonight’s show is dedicated to the hard work and funny material written by former Producer “Matt Vance” (aka Bryan Howlett)  R.I.P.
We’ll play Matt’s hilarious gems Statutory Rape Barbie & The Tommy Lee Action Figure
New tunes from – Tom Petty, Terry Ilous, and Ted Poley (Danger Danger)
Movie Reviews – Ant-Man & The Wasp, The Tale
– Gene Simmons with Kissology IV update
– Great White’s Terry Ilous replaced by new singer Mitch Malloy


Ratt was one of the biggest rock bands in the 80’s & 90’s. Things fell apart, Stephen Pearcy formed Arcade then went Solo
Let’s hear (new) Ratt lineup perform first time onstage in Kansas
We’ll play Ratt songs that put them on the map, and killer songs never played on FM
Rockin’ Rick calls in to confirm he would like a practice wedding and bachelor party before real wedding
Producer J.T. Hiskey brings a bag of childhood toys including giant Legos and Incredible Hulk     .
Let’s celebrate this “Hot Summer” with some “Cool Tunes”

Nothing but “Beach Party” hits from Van Halen, Kid Rock, David Lee Roth, Y&T, Donna Summer

Summertime Girls to California Girls
Producer J.T. Hiskey in-studio with details about Vans Warped Tour
1986 (piano version) of November Rain from new Guns N’ Roses box set
Movie Reviews – The First Purge, Jurassic World (Fallen Kingdom)


Drummer Joey Shapiro from rockband (Straight Six) is our special guest
Joey is drummer in XYZ too
Night Ranger is at Sandy Amphitheater this Friday so let’s play songs rarely heard on radio
New – Stryper, Richie Kotzen, Dee Snider
Movie Review – Jurassic World (Fallen Kingdom)
Rock News –
– Ace Frehley wants to re-join KISS
– Tommy Lee fires back tweet to Howard Stern
We pay tribute to the Legendary “Vinnie Paul” on “The Cory Draper Show” with Jonni Lightfoot
Vinnie passed away a few days ago, so let’s crank Pantera & HellYeah to celebrate he and brother “Dimebag” Darrell’s “Kick Ass” music
Then it’s a “Sleeze Beez” Extravaganza
Never released details about famous 2am pool party (after Rafter’s show) involving 10+ naked girls, the police, and 50 people running wet and naked down 4500 south
Tunes from the Sleeze Beez (1st and 2nd) albums entire show



Full throttle rock from Kix featuring rare tunes never played on Sirius/XM or FM radio

Jonni Lighfoot and I welcome musician Brian “Damage” Forsythe on show

Brian has played lead guitar for Kix (since 1981) and Rhino Bucket (since 2001)

Kix is LIVE at Club X this Friday, June 22nd

LA Story (lead vocalist) Erik Hatchett joins the show for some fun chit-chat

Erik is a great friend of the show, be sure and see “LA Story” LIVE June 23rd at The Royal

Producer J.T. Hiskey & Lisa drop by studio

Jonni Lightfoot and I welcome Skid Row (bass guitarist) Rachel Bolan on show

We talk to Rachel about him singing background vocals on Ace Frehley solo albums and Dr. Feelgood with Motley Crue

Rachel has great news, new Skid Row album produced by the legendary Micahel Wagner

Producer J.T. Hiskey drops by to talk about future interviews with bands on The Vans Warped Tour

Rockin’ Rick plays new Metal Sludge game “Name That Tally Wacker”

Movie Review – Solo, Little Black Book (Brittany Murphy)


Special guest Jack Russell (Great White) joins us LIVE to announce Sirius/XM Summer tour with host Eddie Trunk
Hair Nation presents…
Jack Russell’s Great White, BulletBoys, Enuff Z’nuff,
Friday, September 21st
The Depot – SLC, Utah
“Life As A Rock” lyrics by Reunion
(Game 3) coverage of NBA Finals
We crank tunes from…Jackyl, Comedian Jim Breuer, & Charles Manson song “Look At Your Game Girl” remade by Guns N’ Roses

“The Cory Draper Show” presents a “Domo Hairy Butthole” Mr. Roboto Special

Jonni Lightfoot and I “Crank” Tesla, Joan Jett, & Styx to get everyone revved up for show Monday (Usana Amphitheater)

LIVE “NBA Finals” coverage during show (Golden State killed ’em)

Producer “J.T. Hiskey” checks in LIVE from Disneyland Hotel with details about celebrity party and girlfriend Lisa’s birthday

Why playing “Sadeness” by Enigma might get you some action

Tunes from – Wildside, Anthrax, Big Cock, Ace Frehley, Kik Tracee, Alleycat Scratch



New unreleased LIVE version of “It’s So Easy” from Guns n’ Roses

Video of dogs barking “Wild, Weird & Wacked

Rockin’ Rick sings Metallica & Air Supply songs with Jonni Lightfoot on acoustic guitar

Movie reviews of Deadpool 2, 40 Year Old Virgin, Airplane, Airport ’77

We discuss what a “Steely Dan” is, and it’s pretty dang naughty

Music from –

Kid Rock, Saliva, Joan Jett, Tesla, KISS, Judas Priest, Billy Squier, Jackyl

Discuss Mary Kay Letourneau documentary

This episode of “The Cory Draper Show” features this “Bad Ass” 311 Special

311 have sold 10+ million albums featuring hits Down, Come Original, All Mixed Up
We chat with bass guitarist “P-Nut” about their Summer tour, new album, and what it’s like to be “The Greatest” Heavy Metal band from Omaha
Debut of Ultraphonix…featuring (Living Colour) lead singer Corey Glover & George Lynch.
New tunes from – Lizzy Borden, Red Reign, Hardcore Superstar, Black Coffee
Jonni Lightfoot checks in from Amber’s birthday party while J.T. Hiskey co-hosts in-studio


New tunes –
Cheap Trick
Ryan Roxie
Primal Fear
We order “Real Doll” online with custom landing strip, boobies, thigh gap, with 3 inputs
Music from –
Seether, Junk
Poison, 311
Wilson Pickett, Godsmack

LA Story vocalist Erik Hatchett joins the show

Erik talks about growing up (in grade school) with actress Leslie Mann (George of The Jungle, This Is 40, Big Daddy)

New music from rockband “Diemonds”

Drum and Guitar performances from Cornel Hrisca-Munn and Mark Goffeney, Musicians with “No Arms”

Movie Reviews –

Rampage, The Avengers (Infinity Wars), Hot Bot (filmed in Salt Lake City)

We crank – Scorpions, Kid Rock